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How to Create a Simple Text-to-Image Model with CNN

  Text-to-image models are a type of machine learning model that takes an input natural language description and produces an image matching that description. These models have made great strides in recent years, as evidenced by models like GLIDE , DALL-E 2, Imagen , and more. The most effective models generally combine a language model, which transforms the input text into a latent representation, and a generative image model, which produces an image conditioned on that representation. One such model is Imagen, which was released by Google in 2022. Imagen takes in a textual prompt and outputs an image that reflects the semantic information contained within the prompt. To generate an image, Imagen first uses a text encoder to generate a representative encoding of the prompt. This encoding is then used to condition the generative image model, which produces an image that matches the input prompt. The most effective text-to-image models are trained on massive amounts of image and text d

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