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Mixture of Experts (MoE)

Mixture of Experts (MoE) is like a teamwork technique in the world of neural networks. Imagine breaking down a big task into smaller parts and having different experts tackle each part. Then, there's a clever judge who decides which expert's advice to follow based on the situation, and all these suggestions are blended together. Although it was first explained using nerdy neural network stuff, you can use this idea with any type of expert or model. It's a bit like when you combine different flavors to make a tasty dish, and this belongs to the cool group of ensemble learning methods called meta-learning. So, in this guide, you'll get to know the mixture of experts trick for teaming up models. Once you're through with this guide, you'll have a handle on: How a smart way to work together involves dividing tasks and letting experts handle each part. Mixture of experts is a cool method that tries to solve prediction problems by thinking about smaller tasks and exper

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