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How to Create AI images with Stable Diffusion Model (Extended Article)

  In a previous article,  we showed how to prepare your computer to be able to run Stabe Diffusion, by installing some dependencies, creating a virtual environment, and downloading Stabe Diffusion from Github. In this article, we will show you how to run Stable Diffusion and create images. First of all, You must activate the ldm environment we built previously each time you wish to use stable diffusion because it is crucial. In the Miniconda3 window, type conda activate ldm and press "Enter." The (ldm) on the left-hand side denotes the presence of an active ldm environment.  Note: This command is only necessary while Miniconda3 is opened. As long as you don't close the window, the ldm environment will be active. Before we can generate any images, we must first change the directory to "C:stable-diffusionstable-diffusion-main.":  cd C:stable-diffusionstable-diffusion-main. How to Create Images with Stable Diffusion We're going to use a program called txt2img.p

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