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Introduction to Vector Embedding

In machine learning, vector embeddings are a mathematical technique used to represent high-dimensional data in a lower-dimensional space. They are commonly used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform words or phrases into dense numerical vectors that can be used as inputs for machine learning models. Each dimension of the vector corresponds to a feature or attribute of the input data, and the values within each dimension indicate the degree to which that feature is present in the data.  Vector embeddings are often used in NLP tasks such as sentiment analysis, language translation, and text classification, and have also found applications in other areas such as image and audio processing.  Mathematical Vector In mathematics, a vector is a mathematical object that has both magnitude (or length) and direction. Vectors can be represented as arrows in a 2D or 3D space, where the length of the arrow represents the magnitude of the vector and the direction of the arrow represents i

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