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Useful Medical Images Datasets For ML Projects

  Medical image datasets. Source Artificial intelligence (AI) has made impressive strides in healthcare, but one major challenge remains: lack of data. Deep learning algorithms need lots of data to be effective, and medical images are expensive and difficult to obtain due to ethical and resource constraints. This makes it hard for researchers outside the medical field to develop new AI tools. This story aims to help by providing a comprehensive list of medical image datasets to support deep learning research. The datasets cover various body areas and are categorized for easy reference. Another list of medical datasets was recently published: A List of the available medical large language models: Med-LLMs Medical Image Segmentation Types and Applications Health and scientific research MedPix : A free online collection of over 59,000 medical images from various patients. The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) : A public, de-identified cancer images (MRI, CT scans, etc.) organized by disease

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