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Understanding Catastrophic Forgetting in Large Language Models

The realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no stranger to awe-inspiring advancements, one of which is the development of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 and LLama-2. These models have showcased remarkable capabilities in generating human-like text and aiding various natural language processing tasks. However, as with any advancement, challenges arise. One significant challenge that LLMs face is "catastrophic forgetting."                                                          Generated by AI What is Catastrophic Forgetting? Imagine your brain as a constantly evolving repository of knowledge. Now picture learning a new skill or topic so intensely that it erases or distorts your understanding of previously acquired knowledge. This phenomenon is akin to what LLMs experience as catastrophic forgetting. In machine learning, it refers to the unsettling tendency of a model to forget previously learned information when training on new data or tasks. Catastrophic forgetting

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