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Intelligent Medicine and Health Care: Applications of Deep Learning in Computational Medicine

Machine learning is a subset of deep learning (DL), commonly referred to as deep structured learning or hierarchical learning. It is loosely based on how neurons interact with one another in animal brains to process information. Artificial neural networks (ANNs), a layered algorithmic design used in deep learning (DL), evaluate data to mimic these connections. A DL algorithm can "learn" to identify correlations and connections in the data by examining how data is routed through an ANN's layers and how those levels communicate with one another. Due to these features, DL algorithms are cutting-edge tools with the potential to transform healthcare. The most prevalent varieties in the sector have a range of applications.    Deep learning is a growing trend in healthcare artificial intelligence, but what are the use cases for the various types of deep learning? Deep learning and transformers have been used in a variety of medical applications. Here are some examples: Diagnosis

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