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MaskFormer Segmentation Model

In this post, we’ll go through the MaskFormer and Mask2Former models created for segmentation purposes. We give a simple introduction to image segmentation and Mask2Fomer architecture first. However, the main aim is to showcase the implementation of such a model using TensorFlow and HuggingFace.  The tools and libraries you’ll need for this project are: IDE: Jupyter Notebook Libraries: TensorFlow 2.0 Keras NumPy Matplotlib Transformer HuggingFace We are assuming that you are familiar with deep learning with Python and Jupyter notebooks. If you're new to Python, start with  this tutorial . And if you aren't yet familiar with Jupyter,  start here. Image Segmentation Image segmentation is a method of breaking down an image into various subgroups called Image segments, which helps to reduce the complexity of the image and make subsequent processing or analysis of the image easier. Image segmentation is the practice of categorizing image pixels. Segmentation Types Semantic segmenta

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