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How To Create Videos Using Artificial Intelligence Content Creation Tools


Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by AI video creators to produce videos using information from a range of sources, such as text, images, and audio files.
AI video creators can generate videos with little to no human input, however, some human direction is still required.
So how does this work?
First, you need content, script/text to be narrated in your video, which is the story you are telling. You can have your own script but guess what! you can also generate content using some text generators such as, Pictory AI, or Rytr AI. These text generators will write you a long text/blog/story with a little help from you. Let's see an example of how we can generate text using for free.  First, go to and Create New Document.

The second step is to go to Tools on the left side of the Figure above, and then select the type of text we want to generate. As seen in the Figure below, say we want to generate a Blog. To do so, write a blog in the Tool button, and then go to 'what's your blog title' and select a title for your blog. For this example, we want a blog about generating content using artificial intelligence, so we will set "How to generate content using AI tools" as a title for our blog content. The last step is to give a glimpse of what our blog will be about, i.e. a simple description.  We also need to set the tone of our blog and it can be set as Friendly (blogs) or professional (Articles) and finally hit Create Content. 

How to create videos using AI tools 
After generating a script using AI as we showed in the previous sections, now is the time to add this text to a video explaining visually what the text is about. Cool right!!!!! Always remember all of this is done without human effort. First, select an AI video generator, such as Pictory AI, to create videos explaining your script or blog. The process of generating videos using Pictory AI is simple: 
1. Go to Pictory AI and start a Script editor. 

2. Copy and Paste the text you generated from into this script editor and click Proceed. 

3. Select a template

4. Automatically, Pictory.AI will split your text into different paragraphs and link every paragraph to a related short video from their own videos/images database. 

5. Try to check the video assigned for every paragraph and if you feel it is not related to the content, you can go to Visuals on the left side of the Figure above and search for another scene that is more suitable for your text. 
6. As the last step, you need to add Speech/voice to your video otherwise it will be boring. Luckily, Pictory AI lets you add Voice-Over which is also generated by AI tools.
7. With that being said, Hit Generate and download your video.

What's best? Video editing is not necessary. Since most video producers provide a variety of avatars, you don't even need to appear in your films (aka human presenters).


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